Jabble in Schools

eSafety training and resources

Jabble is a simplified social network which serves as a fantastic vehicle for eSafety in schools. It is a free, fun and fully moderated platform which helps schools fulfil the National Curriculum's recommended attainment targets including: ICT, Citizenship, PHSE and English. Jabble can support your school in providing digital literacy learning if you are following your own programme of study after the recent dis-application of ICT. Jabble also helps schools meet the new OFSTED guidelines which focus on the steps being taken to prevent and tackle all forms of bullying - including cyber-bullying - on and off-site.

To find out more about Jabble please click here or contact us on support@jabble.co.uk / telephone (0844) 376 0037.

Jabble offers many ways in which it can help teach online safety in schools:

eSafety Teaching Resources

We provide free, printable resources which can be used as a whole or part day's activity centred around online safety. These resources can be employed on or offline and Jabble* can be used as a platform to introduce children to communicating over the internet for the first time. Schools can also request printed versions of our SAFER Surfing poster and postcards for encouraging eSafety in ICT labs and offsite.

* Jabble requires authorisation from a parent or carer, but we can give schools the facility to register a class of children for the duration of a school day. If you have already been given workshop access, please click here to log in to the Teacher Area.

Safer Surfing workshop delivered by our eSafety expert

In partnership with Principal Teachers, we offer a fun and interactive full day workshop which teaches your KS2 children about staying safe online and focuses on promoting safe and positive internet use. This workshop is suitable for both Y3/4 and Y5/6 children. The workshop is fully resourced by our teacher and simply requires access to an interactive whiteboard and laptops or ICT suite.

By the end of the workshop your children will be:

  • Safer and informed on internet and gaming issues
  • Empowered to manage risks and use the internet in a fun and safe way
  • Able to make wise decisions regarding their own internet safety
  • Given an understanding of responsible use of social networking and instant messaging sites
  • Confident when using the internet

Training for schools and parents

In partnership with Principal Teachers, our Understanding and Managing Digital Risk course aims to help teachers and parents understand current technologies, their potential risks and how they can tackle any problems that may arise at school and in the home. The course will:

  • Introduce current platforms and technologies
  • Detail risks and case-studies, including: cyber-bullying, online predators, content and 'sexting'
  • Highlight schools' / parents' responsibilities and the Law
  • Discuss realities of the internet and learning benefits of risk
  • Provide action points and advice for schools and parents

To find out more contact us on support@jabble.co.uk / telephone (0844) 376 0037.