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From September 2014 Schools are required to deliver the new Computing curriculum which incorporates teaching eSafety and online responsibility. There will be a clear legal responsibility on schools to manage pupils' behaviour inside, outside of school including online.

Jabble provides the complete solution to allow teachers, parents and educators to teach children how to secure their digital space. It also allows schools to fulfil the new computing curriculum.

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We provide a safe, closed environment, where primary children can network safely with their peers. Children can send messages, chat and play games We provide parents, teachers and children with in-built tools for highlighting and dealing with any unwanted behaviour. Children can only access social features on Jabble via authenticated school subscriptions which helps us to verify that users really are who they say they are. For a small yearly subscription schools can access the following benefits:

Teachers Headteachers Parents Children

Safer Surfing workshops

We deliver fun and interactive workshops, which teach your KS2 children about staying safe online, and promote safe and positive internet use.

By the end of the workshop your children will be:
We also offer a parent and teacher workshop. This is designed to help teachers and parents understand current technologies, their potential risks and how they can deal with any problems that may arise. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Safer Surfing workshop, to provide an inclusive education for all those involved with securing a digital world for their children.

Contact us for more information or download our ebrochure here.

eSafety and Computing INSET Training

We are currently developing our eSafety and Computing INSET training. Please contact us on (01748) 352100 with your requirements.

Jabble PLAY

Tap, touch and turn. Drag, drop and learn!

Jabble, the Safer Social Network for children presents Jabble PLAY. Aimed at pre-school children, Jabble PLAY encourages exploration and learning through play. The app consists of a suite of mini-games which children can tap, touch and turn, helping them to improve co-ordination and motor skills. There are lots of games to choose from, each with their own amusing outcome for completing the task: mix paint, find the Yeti, feed the monkey and much more!

To download, visit the Apple App Store now!